Racism: distributed messages

Image of Dr Gisela Carlos Fregoso showing a photo-message exhibition on racism,
self-produced by students in her Linguistics Class. This image is a still from a video to be uploaded soon. Video/Image by Gisela Carlos Fregoso.

Explanation in English:

“Years ago I gave a session on multi-media messaging in an Anti-Racism workshop by the scholar-activist Copera Collective https://colectivocopera.org/

In collaboration with Monica Moreno Figueroa and Emiko Saldivar, we combined the visual/messaging work with a co-listening practice to make quite a powerful framework that could be replicated going forward. This lead to a practice which Copera integrated into their ongoing work, and which also became a national anti-racist photo campaign.

The latest news is that one of the Copera group, Gisela Carlos Fregoso is using the practice to work on Linguistic Racism in her “Introduction to Linguistics” class. She says ‘when we write our signs, issues that concern the students the most come out: skin colour, whiteness, social class and gender. All the signs are brilliant and intelligent. I invite you to come and see our exhibition of the signs next week’ (University of Guadalajara, Mexico).”

[Chris Hotz]

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