Collective Intelligence PhD online! [en/es]

Very happy to finally share these posts about my Collective Intelligence PhD:

General Argument: Decidim is a prototype for public-commons participatory democracy, forming part of a live ecosystem of collective intelligences with transformative impacts.

Argument 1: Decidim is part of a live ecosystem of interconnected collective intelligences.

Argument 2: Decidim.Barcelona is a prototype for public-commons participatory democracy and has characteristics of a live collective intelligence.

Argument 3: Decidim has transformative impacts.

[Versión en castellano casi lista] Argumento: Decidim es un prototipo de democracia participativa público-común, que forma parte de un ecosistema vivo de inteligencias colectivas interconectadas, con impactos transformadores


Collective Intelligence PhD online! [en/es]

La Colmena / The Hive of Decidim

[es/en] La Colmena (The Hive) (2019) is a documentary style video sharing (some of) the inner life of Decidim, made from material recorded during the fieldwork with the Decidim Team (July 2018). If you are interested to help with translation/subtitles, please message me on Twitter.

La Colmena builds on the experimental video The Sound of the Hive which transmits the hum of the Decidim office that was still ringing in my ears for a long time after returning home from fieldwork.

Decentering Power, Whiteness, Knowledge, Ableism, Class, Gender, ETC.

Based on Baran’s visualisation of Decentralized, Distributed and Centralized networks (1964, p. 2)

I’m doing some research and creative thinking about how we reconfigure power, for real. In a way that really transforms lives, experiences and relationships. Using visual and sensory devices to keep with the material experience and achievement of change. One strategy is to think through the sticky points and divergences between two transformative projects challenging the centre and the centralised: the Tecnopolitica body of work; and a set of decentering power projects with a strong focus on decentering knowledge and whiteness.

Decentering Power, Whiteness, Knowledge, Ableism, Class, Gender, ETC.

Donna Haraway’s Vision

from Haraway’s 1998 article ‘Situated Knowledges: The Science Question in Feminism and the Privilege of Partial Perspective’

Donna Haraway’s treatment of ‘Vision’ in her 1988 Situated Knowledge text is extremely helpful for my work, as it explores Vision in a political and epistemological context, giving a switched on academic framing to my use of (audo)visual research techniques. Haraway uses Vision as a metaphor to unpack ways of seeing, knowing and positioning.

She criticises the all-seeing Eye of the God-trick (the conquering gaze from nowhere that represents and marks bodies, while itself remaining unrepresented and unseen).

She advocates for embodied situated Vision that recognises and deconstructs it’s own positionality, specificity, difference, technologies and prosthetics for seeing; in the process making itself accountable, responsible, answerable.

She problematises ‘Seeing from Below’ and the vantage points of the subjugated:

Donna Haraway’s Vision

Storytelling Research #2 :: ‘It’s Alive!’ // ‘¡Está Viva!’


As the old comic book exclamation goes… ‘It’s Alive…!’ And the aliveness of the Decidim community in Barcelona made itself known loud and clear during my fieldwork experience. ‘It’s Alive!’ is now the first of the storytelling devices I am using to both analyse and share the research. It started with ‘the sound of the hive’ [of the Decidim office] ringing in my ears after leaving Barcelona, and it’s still going. This sense of aliveness is now guiding me through an exploration of how collective intelligence works in Decidim.Barcelona and related tecnopolitical networks.

Storytelling Research #2 :: ‘It’s Alive!’ // ‘¡Está Viva!’