Distributed Messages :: Linguistic Racism

Video Message from Dr Gisela Carlos Fregoso showing a photo-message exhibition, self-produced by students in her Linguistics Class.

I couldn’t have been more excited and moved to receive this wonderful video message from Dr Gisela Carlos Fregoso, member of anti-racism collective Copera and academic working in both Mexico and the UK. Together, back in 2014 we had collaborated on anti-racism workshops in Mexico, and it’s amazing to see that an idea and workshop session I put together so many years ago is still alive and well 🙂

The workshop session was essentially about self-expression and reaching deep for the messages that were most important for us to communicate. The session mobilised a co-listening practice in order to create trust, bring depth and create a safe place. The co-listening practice also helped to create safe boundaries, so people could feel and think their way around their intimate thoughts, and make more informed decisions about messages which they would like to share more widely, or even publicly.

For more information, check this earlier post: https://frictionfilms.net/2019/05/08/racism-distributed-messages/

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