Writing as experiment

Sketch showing writing as the resolution between three axes (30/01/2021).
First writing experiment result:  Collective Intelligence Decidim Style #1 :: Start Here

Writing is not my first medium, I always felt more at home with numbers and images. However, I’ve come to a certain understanding with the writing medium and how to work with it. Whenever I edit video material together it partly feels like an experiment, testing what elements combined together in what ways match and articulate the experience and ideas I want to communicate. Like this experimental 50 second video exploring The Sound of the Hive.

Now with writing, I feel like I am at a point where I can work with writing as an experiment, in the sense that linear writing can be like the line in a graph resolving the relationship between various axes – as per my sketch above. I’m doing this writing experiment now via some blogposts starting with Collective Intelligence Decidim Style #1 :: Start Here.

Will add more here in this blogpost soon… the mega time-management task of life as a Sandwich Carer in Covid calls…

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