Learning Gephi from Zero #3: first online video tutorials

Great beginners tutorial from @jengolbeck

Having found the Gephi Facebook group, I sent a request to join the closed group and was quickly accepted 🙂

I introduced myself and my mission to learn Gephi, asking if anyone could recommend some online tutorials. Et voila!:

Updated Gephi Quick Start Tutorial for v 0.9

By Dr Jen Golbeck @jengolbeck
Video embedded above 🙂
“This is an update of the original Gephi Quick Start Tutorial using the Les Miserables network. This is for Gephi 0.9. Slides to match this tutorial are at https://www.slideshare.net/golbeck/up… Background: The original Gephi Quick Start Tutorial can be found at https://gephi.org/users/quick-start/ Things have moved or changed since it was made, so this tutorial uses their examples and slides but adds updates so you can find these features in version 0.9 I tried to use their originals as much as possible to preserve consistency. All credit for those slides goes to the Gephi creators.”

GEPHI – Introduction to Network Analysis and Visualization
By @GrandjeanMartin
Tutorial post: http://www.martingrandjean.ch/gephi-introduction/?fbclid=IwAR2xiMuDpsby0wl7MH2sxpOLwnij5PlAtq7LgM6QktZZ1IveJC1OJx6D7dI

Video (note: video has no sound)

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