Confinement Day 41 :: f**k

Am hiding in corner of kitchen by fridge having a peroni and cheese sandwich. Preventive action vs cracking. Little one and my dad on their respective screens in bedroom and living room. This is only place I can hide with sunlight…

Second bedroom which should be for my dad has semi assembled Argos bed in it… which we have spent days trying to sort out. This morning on second live chat of the day (first one died mid chat) Argos have finally agreed to refund money on bed (it’s defective) but only when they can pick up bed ‘later when lockdown finished’. Whilst this saga going on, dad sleeps in our bed, and me and little one sleep on makeshift beds on living room floor. Kitchen links with living room so this ends up disrupting overall routine too.

This morning, once Argos agreed to take back bed (I guess it could have been midday by then), I spent a few hours looking for bed that fits dad’s requirements, calling providers etc to identify actionable solution ASAP.

Then realise it’s 3pm and no one has had lunch. Dad urgently needs to eat as linked to his medicine routine. Little one looking tired. I provide them with their respective foods they will actually eat.

I finally get to sit and decompress at 4pm. So tired. 🙄

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