Confinement Day 4

Feels like the emotional aspect of Covid19 and self-isolation is hitting home now. I think I was running on adrenalin for ages, getting everything ready for self-isolation. Now the tiredness and numbness is rising. Writing the first blog on this yesterday was helpful. Thank you. I realised that fear and tension were lurking in my being and I had to breathe them out, channel them, address them, rest… or this wasn’t going to be sustainable.

In reality, ‘resting’ this morning was more like having a breathing space to answer all the calls coming in. But still, it was better to be doing that and being able to focus on each call (and childcare at same time), rather than working, taking calls, coordinating and doing childcare all at the same time … (aka this whole situation is madness!).

After some cuddles with little one and food, time to start working again. And I’m grateful for work. Not only because of the need to earn money. But also, the chance to get my head out of the domestic space, this mad situation, and to occupy a different headspace of ideas, analysis and info from other places. Also a way to occupy my own agency and analytically mark out what my own space means.

Thought to develop for later… the gendered (re)distribution of labour at this time … and the wider deeper intersectional context… as per this tweet and image below…

Facebook Post

To be continued…

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