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Orange Farm
Water Crisis

Floods in



Breaking Down Climate Change

"Climate Change" is a big phenomena which is being interpreted in many ways. Sometimes I get the feeling that everyone's having a go at making climate change fit their agenda. From ex-Presidential candidates keeping up their global profile - to airlines selling carbon offsets - to professional climate sceptics carving their own little niche - to disaster response agencies selling crisis management services - to the nuclear power industry climbing back into public acceptability - to every other company, politician, ngo & lifestyle guru trying to convince the public to follow their politics, buy a green product, donate cash or be more austere.

Friction Films presents two small projects of original research from different elements of climate change: living through climate change; and the United Nations climate change negotiations. By coming at "climate change" through smaller stories, Friction Films offers some reference points to help navegate the bigger narratives and invested interests.

For more voices from the ground and analysis which cuts through the spin, see recommended links at the bottom of the page.

Floods in Mozambique - Unnatural Disasters


The bigger picture:
Long term effects of floods.
Role of big dams in worsening floods.
Renewed threat of landmines after floods

Kyoto Gamble

Photographic Research Project and Exhibition


Research took place in:
United Nations Climate Convention in Kyoto (1997)
China (1998).

Lives at risk from climate change and political negligence.

Recommended links:

Alter-Eco - Offestting Omissions
The Alternative Bali UN Climate Conference Newsletter, December 2007

The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein

Carbon Trade Watch

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